Never Leave A Cheap Cardboard Box Print Behind!

Cutting out cheaply printed letters on a cardboard boxCutting out cheaply printed letters on a cardboard box

Cutting out cheaply printed letters on a cardboard boxCutting out cheaply printed letters on a cardboard box


San Diego, California, Cardoard Box Print Cutout Letters


My little daughter’s new bed came in a box with all sort of prints on in. Took the time and cut them out. I really like cardboard and I have a heart for low quality prints. Too bad a few letters are missing. Would have been a nice font.


Cover Artwork: Benny Greb – “The Language Of Drumming”

Cover Artwork of Benny Greb's "The Language of Drumming Book" made by Tom Mayer, Meza Boogie. Published by Hudson Music New York. (c)2012 Tom Mayer, All Rights Reserved

There is just one word: “Yeah!”. Benny Greb‘s new book “The Language Of Drumming” has been announced and is ready to order by Hudson Music New York. Beside that it’s a great book and a must have for every modern drummer, it’s also the second publication Benny let me design the cover artwork. So I’m very excited seeing the final product.

You can order the book directly at Hudson Music or Amazon.

Thank you Benny for letting me design your Book!

Swieners Video Balboa Park December Nights

This is a fest video I made for friends. They own Swieners here in San Diego, a great new interpretation of the good ol’ hot dog. Because we wanted to publish it for the next day I only had one hour for editing. So please don’t blame me for things like color correction or ultra precise transition.

How To Get Your Canon LiDE500F Scanner To Work With Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

And now something completely different: I just bought myself a new MacBook with the great new OS X 10.7 installed. Personally I like the new “Lion”. It feels faster and snappier than 10.6. No problems with old software, just a piece of hardware didn’t wanted to work: My trusty old Canon LiDE500F scanner. Canon was never good in keeping the drivers up to date. But now the new Mac just said “no” because PowerPC applications are not supported anymore. What? Canon states on their website that they don’t support Lion with the 500F. Too bad! The 500F is not the best scanner in the world, but for me it’s perfect because it fits in my backpack together with my MacBook! And for that it has an amazing image quality.

So I tried a few things like installing supported drivers (sometimes that works) and of course browsing through the web. I even was about to order a new scanner. But it really bugs me to throw away a good piece of hardware just because it’s not supported anymore by the manufacturer. I was thinking about Vuescan. But it’s $80 and works just with the Canon driver installed (That note actually saved me from spending eighty bucks).  I found this guys post about the same problem. He didn’t explained HOW he managed to install his scanner but it shows that it’s possible to do so!

So now the big trick (maybe it isn’t, but for me it’s magic!): You don’t need the driver! Just install the Canon Toolbox for the 500F that is made for Universal. I found a version on the asian support site:

Again: Forget about the driver! Just the toolbox. After installing and rebooting (hello Windows?) the scanner will appear as TWAIN and in Apple’s Image Capture Software.

So end of the box talk, back to the pens. I just spend so much time on this I thought it might be useful for somebody out there too.

I want to point out a solution that came as a comment from Vinz in Germany (thank you for that!):

Without the new software, the scanner showed no reaction at all. At first I thought it was screwed.
Here is what worked for me.

Hardware: CanonScan LiDE 500F
System: Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2
Date: 2011-11-19

1) From Canon website Support for this scanner I downloaded:
* CanonScan Toolbox 4.934 for OSX (cstbosx4934ej4.dmg)
* ScanGear CS 11.251 for OSX (lide500fosx11251de.dmg)

2) Deleted old ToolBox from Folder Program Files + Reboot

3) Installed first the ToolBox. Maybe a reboot, I have suppressed it.

4) After this, I installed the Driver ScanGear. Reboot is forced.

Now the scanner workes again!

See the original comment below.

Southern California Power Outage 2011 Shirts

S.D. Unplugged 2011S.D. Unplugged 2011S.D. Unplugged 2011

S.D. Unplugged 2011S.D. Unplugged 2011I Survived On Sausage And Cheese! (Swieners) San Diego Power Outage

The San Diego Power Outage took us into a total blackout. No light, no music and since stupid me has no battery-powered radio: No news. But smart phone, twitter and of course neighbors and friends helped us through the night.

So while from Arizona to Mexico all the people spend almost eight hours in the dark we had some time to write down some funny line for shirts. So here we are with a few brand new shirts. And the coolest thing: Most of them are available in a glow-in-the-dark flexpring! So next time it’s getting dark you have at least your shirt to give you some light.

Shirts are available at and the Swieners shirt shop.

Swieners “Après Work” Coffee Mugs

Swieners “Après Work” Coffee Mug by Meza Boogie, San Diego

Swiss style for busy workers: Take your break seriously and enjoy every zip of tea or coffee from this exclusive Swieners Mug.

Thank You Steve Jobs!

Illustration Artsmoto-Shirt "Thank You Steve!"

We want to say thank you to a great visionary and one of the most important creators of todays personal computers. We wish Mr. Jobs to get well soon to enjoy his retirement. This shirt was made with a Mac.

You can buy this shirt for a low price to spread the message at the shop.